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How to add/ or drop courses for College of Business special sessions

Having a problem sending out a Qualtrics survey due to accessibility formatting. Getting an error message regarding survey accessibility.

Student Computer Fee Employment funding will now be allocated based on the below model on a biannual basis. Please review the 3 tiers of technicians and fill out the form requesting funding based on your current staffing or desired student employees for term selected. Your results will be sent to the SCF Hiring Oversight Committee.

Request to create, modify, or delete a shared public folder.

Allow IT to access your computer from our offices - this will allow us to view error messages, confirm issues, or even fix problems in the background, or request assistance to allow remote control access to your machine for personal use when utilizing VPN off campus.

Submit this request for a sponsored email account that will be shared with other individuals or groups.

This service can provide a file share, departmental folder, mapped drive on a supported IT server.

Protect and secure critical and sensitive data by requesting encryption services.

Restoration of deleted or lost data, files, and folders.

Assistance hosting a web conference.

Hardware needs to be moved from one location to another, use this form if you or someone else is moving to a new location, or if hardware is being reassigned to a different location or new employee. Hardware may include computers (desktops & laptops), tablets (iPads & Surfaces), printers, and peripherals (monitors, mice, keyboards, speakers, etc.).

Index change requests are for telephone fixed costs and network ports.This is for Index Code changes ONLY.

Request an audit of a file share, departmental folder, or shared drive.

Request printing access to a shared network printer.

Request access to a file share, departmental folder, or shared drive.