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Submit a proposal for hardware or software using student computing fee funding.

Request this service if new hardware needs to be purchased or old hardware needs to be replaced. Hardware can include computers (desktops & laptops), tablets (iPads & Surfaces), printers, and peripherals (monitors, mice, keyboards, speakers, etc.).

Request this service if hardware needs to be sent to surplus or decommissioned. Hardware may include computers (desktops & laptops), tablets (iPads & Surfaces), printers, and peripherals (monitors, mice, keyboards, speakers, etc.).

IT provides electronic and information technology (EIT) review to help departments meet requirements of UM's Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility policy. Accessible Technology Services provides software and hardware review as part of Procurement along with a variety of other reviews to ensure that documents, instructional materials, media, software, hardware, computing systems and websites meet accessibility requirements.

Report if a Time Clock is not working as expected.

Request this service if you are eligible for your faculty rollout hardware.

This service appeals to departments who want to maintain autonomy over their server management without the expense of purchasing and housing their own hardware.

Accessibility Review for Moodle/LTI integrations

Request help with a printer issue, acquire toner, get access to a printer, or request a consultation if your current printer is not meeting your needs.

New service request for service, form, workflow, etc to be create in the TeamDynamix system.

Request to block or unblock the online NetID password reset in situations regarding security breaches, etc.

Request an audit of your mailing list or listserv.

Request an audit of a file share, departmental folder, or shared drive.

Request a user permissions audit

Request an audit of a security or user group