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Restoration of deleted or lost data, files, and folders.

Having your data in just one place is dangerous in the face of computer loss, theft, destruction, accidental deletion, hardware or power failure, so backing up your valuable data is important. IT can help you backup your files, folders, music, photos, projects, etc.

Protect and secure critical and sensitive data by requesting encryption services.

Submit this request for a sponsored email account that will be shared with other individuals or groups.

Allow IT to access your computer from our offices - this will allow us to view error messages, confirm issues, or even fix problems in the background, or request assistance to allow remote control access to your machine for personal use when utilizing VPN off campus.

Request to create, modify, or delete a shared public folder.

This service can provide a file share, departmental folder, mapped drive on a supported IT server.

Request an audit of a file share, departmental folder, or shared drive.

Request printing access to a shared network printer.

Request access to a file share, departmental folder, or shared drive.

Request a user permissions audit

I need access to an application

Request an audit of a security or user group