Griz Visitor Application

For use by students only.

Employees must submit an Application for Faculty/Staff-Sponsored Griz Visitor to Human Resources Services.

The following restrictions apply:

  • The Griz Visitor Application must be submitted by the sponsoring student.
  • The sponsoring student must be registered for classes in a current or upcoming semester.
  • The sponsoring student and the dependent/spouse must reside at the same physical address.
  • Griz Visitor status must be renewed annually by resubmitting this form. The default expiration date is September 30th of the following year.

If the intent of obtaining a Griz Card is for becoming a fee paying member of campus recreation, please read carefully the Campus Recreation Policy below.

Campus Recreation Policy for Student Spouses/Dependents

  • The spouse or dependent must present a Griz Card when signing up at Campus Recreation. Griz Cards can be obtained the day after Griz Visitor status is added for the spouse or dependent.
  • Dependents must be between the ages of 5 & 18. Dependent memberships cannot be sold to anyone under age 5 or over age 18 under any circumstances.
  • Ages 5-14, Parent or Guardian must be a member. Dependent must be under constant parental supervision.
  • For determining the eligibility for Fitness and Recreation Center Spouse Membership a spouse shall be defined as a person currently and legally married, residing with the UM sponsor listed on the membership form and sharing the common necessities of life. 
  • For determining the eligibility for Fitness and Recreation Center Spousal equivalent/domestic partners membership, the definition of Domestic Partner is the sole person regardless of their gender with whom the UM sponsor listed on the membership form shares a relationship of at least six months, resides in the same household and shares expenses and responsibilities.
  • Campus Recreation reserves the right to request proof of Spousal or Domestic Partnership before or after the purchase of a Campus Recreation Spouse Membership.
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