Panopto - video recording and video management platform



Panopto is UM’s new video capture and video management platform.

  • Easy video recording on any PC, Mac or mobile device.
  • Capture the screen and multiple streams of video.
  • Videos are stored securely in your Panopto Library online for easy sharing.
  • Easy, non-destructive, web-based video editing.
  • Videos can be searched for any word spoken or shown on screen.
  • Simple in-video quizzing capabilities help you test comprehension, reinforce key concepts, improve knowledge retention, and make your videos more engaging.
  • Analytics on video usage to measure viewer engagement.
  • Videos can be automatically captioned, or professionally produced captions can be added.
  • Panopto is fully integrated with Moodle which makes it possible to record, view, search, and manage your videos without ever leaving Moodle.
  • Using the optional Zoom integration, your Zoom meetings recorded to the cloud will automatically be saved to your Panopto library, for easy editing and sharing.

To begin using Panopto, log in with your NetID at

When you log in you will see your video library, and some helpful tutorial videos.

To learn how to use Panopto with Moodle, UMOnline has a self-paced online tutorial on using Panopto.


If you have questions about Panopto, please contact Adam Carroll at 243-4875,

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