Manage Zoom Recordings to Preserve Cloud Storage Space

Due to an unprecedented number of meetings, we’ve exceeded our allotted Zoom cloud storage space. Your help is needed to reduce our usage.

Zoom cloud recording is not intended for permanent storage. To ensure that Zoom cloud storage continues to be available for everyone in the UM community, we’re asking for your help in managing our shared cloud storage space. Please visit the Zoom web portal and access your recordings dashboard. You may filter these recordings by date, topic, or keyword. UM IT asks you to:

  1. Download any old recordings you wish to archive to your local computer by clicking the "more" button in each listing:
  2. Save the recordings in your UM Box or OneDrive accounts.
  3. Delete these recordings from Zoom, along with any recordings you no longer need.
  4. If you record all meetings by default, please disable this option in your recording settings. You will still have the ability to set automatic recording for scheduled meetings.


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Tue 3/9/21 11:03 AM
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