How do I request for my services to be added to the UM Solutions Center?


UM Solutions Center is an implementation of a software product called TeamDynamix. TeamDynamix was developed to aid institutions in managing electronic service requests. If you'd like to make your services available in the Solutions Center's service catalogue for the first time, or add to the services you currently provide, please read the following standards and review the service template. 

Standards for TeamDynamix Requests


The TD Admin group will follow these standards when addressing TD requests. We require a three week lead time, at a minimum for, all requests. New Services with complex forms and workflows will require a scheduled meeting to discuss requirements and expectations.

Process for reviewing TD request tickets

When a TDX request is submitted to the TDX Admin they receive an email notification. The tickets are also displayed on a TDX desktop.

Your request will involve making changes in the sandbox for you to review prior to making changes in production.

Sandbox access requests, the TD Admin will ask you to request your users to sign-in to the sandbox at with their UM NetID login for access to the test environment. The TDX Admin will provide you with a link directly to the form for testing purposes.

Documenting communications:

While the Admin is working on your ticket, they will include all communications regarding the request in the ticket. They will add all emails, IMs and outside conversations as a comment to the ticket. For electronic communications, they will copy any time stamps. This will help the technician, requestor (you) and other affected groups follow the progress of the ticket.

Response times for processing TD request tickets:

A TD Admin will acknowledge your ticket within 2 business days. The length of time it will take to complete the request varies greatly, depending on the scope of the request, other priorities and available technicians.

Timeline for communications:

If you do not respond within a week of a technician's last notification, the technician will send a second notification as a check-in.

Once you have approved the form, workflow and any other aspects of the ticket you will then be asked if it is ready to move to production. If you do not respond within 1 week of notification your request will be placed on hold and no further action will take place. After a month of no response the request will be closed and removed from the system at the next sandbox refresh

Timeline for submission, testing, and activation or service

The sandbox environment is refreshed on a quarterly basis, the first Sunday of each new quarter (The first Sunday of January, April, July, and October). When submitting a new request for the system please be aware these dates and factor them into the building, testing, and approval of the service.

Service Review

On a yearly basis you will be asked to review your service, form, and workflow for any changes or updates that need to be made.

Service Template

Attached to this article is the type of information that will show once your service is submitted. You will need to adhere to this format when submitting your service. 

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