Procedure- Equipment circulation

Definition of users for circulating equipment

No charges are made for the use of PTS circulating equipment when faculty, students or staff request them for state appropriated activities. University affiliated non-state supported activities are charged 50% of rental fees listed in the  A/V Equipment Charge Table for non-University affiliated users.

Labor fees are assessed to all users for delivery and/or operator services. Other services such as production and copy services are available on a fee basis.

The following examples are charges that will be made in all cases:

  • Labor fees
  • Late and/or processing fees
  • Service fees for delivery or special pick-up of equipment and media
  • Replacement fees for damaged or lost equipment and/or media
  • Production of media materials


State appropriated activities include:

  • State-supported UM courses which generate credit hours
  • University funded faculty research
  • Academic support entities (e.g. University Administration, Academic Deans, Graduate School, etc.)
  • Institutional support (e.g.Human Resources, Legal Counsel, etc.)
  • State-supported student services (e.g.Dean of Students, Registrar's Office, or ASUM academically related club activities when approved by the appropriate Academic Dean as being an adjunct to courses which generate state supported credit hours). This applies to informational functions, as opposed to social functions
  • Faculty, students, and staff of the UM extended campuses and the Commissioner's Office - Personnel from the individual campuses must pick up and return all borrowed equipment. The delivery of equipment cannot be expected.

University affiliated but non-state supported activities:

  • Non-state supported UM sponsored courses
  • Non-state supported UM sponsored research
  • UM sponsored centers and institutes (e.g., Bureau of Business and Economic Research, Center for the Rocky Mountain West)
  • Campus-based entities with designated accounts or auxiliary accounts
  • Any activity or the preparation for an activity where a specific fee is charged to the participants or audience (e.g. Continuing Education)

Non-University affiliated activities:

  • Personal use by any UM employee or student
  • Use by any UM employee that is part of one's private consulting in which the individual receives compensation
  • Use by non-affiliated individuals or organizations regardless of coordinating entity
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