Procedure- IT Mailing list (LISTSERV)


A mailing list is a communication tool used by its members to participate in online discussions by posting comments, suggestions, and other information to a large number of people at the same time. At The University of Montana, employees and students have the opportunity to host and/or participate in online discussions that are locally administered by Information Technology using LISTSERV, an email communication tool.

LISTSERV services are available to current University of Montana faculty and staff, and ASUM-recognized student organizations. The primary use of this service will be for University-related business, programs and activities and will be consistent with the University’s mission (as stated on the President’s Office web page at:

Use of LISTSERV services at The University of Montana, as with all uses of University-provided information technology resources, must conform with all University of Montana and Montana University System policies (which can be found at and respectively) as well as with all applicable state and federal laws.

The person responsible for managing a list is known as the "list owner." The list owner must be a currently employed University faculty or staff member or a currently enrolled University student. If the list owner leaves the University, then the current list owner must find a new list owner and identify that new person to the listserv manager.

The protocol for new lists is as follows: The "LIST NAME" is the first part of list address followed by "-L" which identifies to message recipients that the message is being sent through a list product (e.g. Additional examples:;;


List Owner Responsibilities

List owners are responsible for properly managing their list. The responsibilities of the list owner include:

  • Advising individuals who will be subscribed to the list of the list's purpose.
  • Ensuring that all uses of the list conform to all applicable policies and other requirements.
  • Assisting users with LISTSERV questions and procedures such as subscribing and using the web interface.
  • Adding, deleting, and modifying subscriptions to a list.
  • Setting and changing the configuration of a list.
  • Setting policies and procedures related to the list, and sending administrative message as to the list as necessary.
  • Staying informed about current listserv policy.
  • Attending list owner training or otherwise staying informed about list management.



Membership to a list is not a right of the individual. List owners have the right and are responsible for subscribing and unsubscribing members. Some lists require completion of an application or an email request providing specific information. Users should check with the list owner for list application requirements.


Periodic Review

Lists will be periodically reviewed for activity and continued conformance to the current listserv policies. Lists that are inactive or fail to conform to policy may be removed. Lists will be reviewed for activity on an annual basis. Lists with no activity for an extended period of time may be removed. Lists associated with courses will be removed at the end of each semester, or at the conclusion of the course. List owners will be contacted prior to removing the list.


Attachments in LISTSERV

There is an attachment feature in LISTSERV. Because attachments present a great burden on University disk space, the default for all lists is no attachments. List owners may request use of the feature and approval will be granted on a list-by-list basis. The initial default size limit for attachments is 2 MB. However, the size limit may also be determined on a list-by-list basis as necessary.

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