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Services or Offerings?
I need help from the Griz Card Center.

Report security/surveillance camera issues in campus buildings to Griz Card Staff.

Request to borrow a Griz Card reader for assessment purposes or to accept UMoney on a short-term basis.

Report if a Time Clock is not working as expected.

Griz Card Center offers surveillance additions for buildings within Enrollment and Student Affairs via digital or analog cameras.

Report if the Orbital Shift software is not working as expected.

Griz Card offers various options to meet your needs. Submit a request for more information.

More information and assistance with Griz Card UMoney and Bear Bucks deposit transactions and logging in to eAccounts.

Griz Card offers immediate deposits or "give away" cards that can be redeemed for UMoney and billed to your index code.

Griz Card offers design and setup services for custom name tags and conference or event cards.

This form is to request a refund if the PaperCut printer failed to print and your UMoney account was reduced. Please contact the department’s lab support to determine the cause of the printer failure before requesting a refund.