Papercut printing refund request

This form is to request a refund if the PaperCut printer failed to print and your UMoney account was reduced. Please contact the department’s lab support to determine the cause of the printer failure before requesting a refund.

A UM Solutions ticket task will be assigned to the Griz Card with all the necessary information. Depending on whether the field for auto-default or not auto-default is marked, you should post the transaction in Blackboard Transact following the information below.

For the transaction, input a comment of: Refund request per Request ID: #####, and the Index and Account Code. After you have posted the transaction, in the UM Solutions Center, you must:

  1. Mark the task complete (in the ticket details, on the right hand sign there will be a box that says "Post UMoney Transaction" and you should select the Mark Complete button)
  2. Update the ticket and notify the customer by
    1. In the ticket details, choose Action
    2. Update
    3. Change the New Status to Resolved
    4. In the Comments, select Templates, Printing, PaperCut Refund
    5. Uncheck the box in the comments section that says "make comments private" as we want everyone to see this.
    6. Save

If PaperCut did not auto-refund:

  1. The lab monitor should verify the print job did not print and alert their department head to approve the refund.
  2. The department head will email the amount, person’s NetID, full name, and printer to PaperCut Admin.
  3. PaperCut Admin will verify the print job posted to PaperCut and obtain the index.
  4. PaperCut Admin will submit a ticket to the Griz Card Center with all the necessary information including amount, index code, and full name.
  5. Griz Card Center will deposit the funds (under the Griz Card Center Profit Center in Blackboard) to the student’s UMoney account within a timely manner, normally that day.
    • Print a copy of the receipt!
  6. The Griz Card Center will bill the index provided at the end of the month (this goes under the monthly JV tab).

If PaperCut auto-refunded:

  1. PaperCut Admin will pull a report a few days prior to the end of the month to determine whether or not the funds that were in the default amount have been spent or remain in the person’s default account.
    • If they have been spent, no further action is needed.
  2. If they remain in the person’s default account, the PaperCut Admin will clear the student default amount.
  3. The PaperCut Admin will submit a ticket with all the necessary information including amount to be refunded and full name of person receiving refund.
  4. The Griz Card Center will deposit the funds (under the PaperCut Profit Center in Blackboard).
    • You do NOT need to print a copy of the receipt or enter this anywhere in the Dept JV tab. It will be included in the sales for on-campus merchants for the day.Depositing under PaperCut Profit Center will decrease the overall sales total (ie overall pool of money that is used to pay Papercut) for the month, so that it matches the PaperCut Report.

How to request

Please click  the “Request Service” button at the top right hand side of the screen.


UM students, faculty and staff with a NetID and GrizCard with UMoney account set up.


Form submission is available 24/7.  Requests are processed Monday – Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Expect resolution within 2 business days.

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