Institutional Research Data Request

The Institutional Research Office (Data Office) supports the data needs of the University of Montana (faculty, staff, and students) and the surrounding community.  

Requestors must clearly communicate their need and intended use of the data.  Data requests are subject to applicable privacy and confidentiality laws; therefore, not all institutional data are available to all requestors.  Fulfillment of your request may be delayed due to additional approvals, collection methods, and analysis techniques depending on the sensitivity, complexity, and availability of the data. 

Click here to check the status of your data request(s) and download your data.

Data Request Process

1.  The Data Office provides several tools and resources that may answer your research question(s) immediately without requiring the submission of a formal data request.  Please explore the Institutional Research public reports and dashboards before submitting a ticket.   

2.  To submit a data request, click the “Request Service” button at the top right-hand side of the screen.  Please allow 5 working days for the Data Office to respond with questions.

3.  A customized timeline may need to be developed depending on complexity of the request.  To increase the likelihood your desired deadline will be met, please submit your request at least 10 working days before the data are needed.  Please allow for additional time during high-traffic times (such as semester start/end or Census).   

4.  Please be thorough when you submit your request.  Omitting information will result in delays as we attempt to clarify your needs. Communications will be delivered through the ticketing system.

Data requests will be ranked accordingly: 

  1. Priority Level 1: Externally required reporting or decision-making support for critical business processes and/or strategic initiatives  
    • Information is part of university-wide mandated reporting, such as to federal or state governments. 
    • Information is required to aid in business process decision-making or mission-critical initiatives.  
  2. Priority Level 2: Unit-level externally required reporting or unit-level assessment  
    • Information required for department or college accreditation; for program approval or review; or as part of a grant application.  
  3. Priority Level 3:  Internal constituents related to curricula, communication, or research 
    • Information requested by faculty or staff to support individual, departmental or course-level needs. 
  4. Priority Level 4: General interest requests 
    • Information requested by internal or external constituents but does not relate to nor support official university initiatives.

All data requests will comply strictly with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

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