Information Technology

• Email, Accounts, General Help
• Software, Hardware, Printing, Classroom
• Accessibility, Web, Network / Telecomm

Categories (16)

Accessible Technology

• Accessibility requests
• Software and hardware evaluation
• Captioning and alternative formats

Email, Accounts, & Access

• UM login account requests
• Email, file, and data requests
• UM resource access requests

Cloud Storage/Backups

• UM Box
• Data Backup
• File Restoration


• Software requests/purchases
• Software management
• Software licensing


• Hardware moves, purchases, surplus
• Virtual machine (VM) request
• Building surveillance request

Classroom & Learning Tech

• Moodle resources and Scantron
• Classroom multimedia services
• Audio, video, and device checkout


• PaperCut print management
• Print audits or reporting
• Printing requests and refunds

Wireless, Network & Telecomm

• VPN requests and renewals
• Network port activation, repair, static IPs
• Telephone repair, billing, name changes

Web & Digital Communication

• Website creation, access, and redirects
• Banner Ads for the UM Mobile app
• Web reports, conference, and consult


• Moodle Learning Management System Help
• Instructional Design Help
• Non-NetID Password Reset

Change Management

• TeamDynamix ITSM requests
• UM system change requests

General Help

• Hardware or software issues
• Printer or printing problems
• Broken equipment or repair

Office Of Information Security

• Sending Limit Exemption
• Identity Management Request
• InCommon Certificate Request


For requests related to TeamDynamix and the Solutions Center