How do I feed Banner data into other systems?


Data from the Banner ERP system is frequently required or desired for integration with other pieces of software run by departments across the UM campus.  Examples include feeding student, faculty, and administrator information to the GrizCard system, sending financial information to State agencies, and integration with the Study Abroad system for foreign travel among many others. 

How to Request

Requests for data feeds or other integration services should be coordinated through the department responsible for the information needed (ex: Registrar’s Office for student data) and via a request to the EIS JIRA system.


No charge.


All UM Students, Faculty, Staff, and Administrators are eligible for this service. 


Services in this area are available if deemed appropriate by the data steward and as can be fit into the EIS development schedule. Factors including dependencies, level of complexity, and availability of staff will influence timelines. Once completed, feed files can normally be automated to run at scheduled intervals.


For support, please enter a request in the EIS JIRA system


Data flow is at the discretion of the steward of the data being requested.

See Montana Board of Regents Policy 1300.1 - Security of Data and Information Technology Resources.

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