How do I activate my employee UMontana alias?

Every University employee is assigned a UMontana alias in the form of Each employee needs to activate their UMontana alias by setting a preferred UM email address in CyberBear. This allows us to change email servers behind the alias without having to change the alias, keeping publication contacts up-to-date and allowing our systems to continue to send email.

The UMontana alias is used as the official means of electronic communication between employees and the University. Important University business is conducted using this address, including UM business-related information and announcements from the President, the Provost, the Registrar as well as UM newsletters and emergency notifications. Any modifications made to legal or preferred/chosen name will change your alias and will be reflected the following morning.


To activate your official UMontana alias, you need to set a preferred UM email address in CyberBear. A nightly process will activate the UMontana alias and point it to the email account you indicated.   Do NOT add your UMontana address as the preferred email address in CyberBear, this will create a loop and stop delivery of email addressed to that alias.  

To activate your UMontana alias, log in to CyberBear:

  • Click on the Personal Information tab.
  • Click on the Personal Information top menu link.
  • In the Email section, either
    • Click Add New in the right hand corner and add a Preferred email address
      • Email Type: Choose Your work/personal e-mail account(s) from the drop-down list
      • Email Address: Enter your MSO address here (usually
      • Mark as Preferred: Check the box 
      • Click Add
    • Or, Edit (the pencil) an existing Preferred email address
      • Email Address: Update to your MSO address (usually
      • Click Update

You can view, insert, and update your email account(s) under Your work/personal Email Account(s). If you do not see your email account, you will need to enter this information. University employees may only list an official email account (e.g. If you have questions about your email account, please contact your departmental IT administrator or UM IT Help at 406-243-HELP (4357).

A nightly process will activate or update the UMontana alias.

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