How do I request an unofficial transcript printer?


Use this article to familiarize yourself with the steps to obtaining access to print unofficial transcripts from Banner. The actual request form is Unofficial Transcript Banner Printer Request.

This process is only available to UM employees, unless otherwise approved by the Registrar.

Section one:

Follow these steps to request the ability to print unofficial transcripts:

  1. You will need a printer that supports PCL5e or PCL6. The printer will need to be directly attached to the network; no windows shared printers or print queues on other systems.
    1. If you need a network port activated for this printer, you need to request a port activation (if you are unable to view this request, it is likely you are not yet authorized to make this request. To be authorized, complete the authorization form, or have someone in your department who is already authorized complete the port activation request).
  2. You will need to work with your IT support to get a static IP address assigned to this printer. Or, request a static IP address in the Solutions Center.
  3. You will need to have approval from the Registrar, Maria Mangold at, for any new transcript printer.  This requires a short site visit to make sure the printer is in a secure location.
  4. Once that approval is done, the Registrar asks IT to create a print queue and communicate the new queue name to all involved. IT will need the IP address of the printer, full make and model and the name of the department/organization that owns it in order to complete their steps. Please make sure you provide this information to the Registrar.
  5. The Registrar will then get the new queue setup in Banner and ask IT to do some background work to enable it. Once it is enabled, the Registrar will notify the requester that they can print unofficial transcripts.

Once these steps are completed, you will then be able to print unofficial transcripts from Banner to that printer.

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