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Captioning is a verbatim rendering of the words, speech sounds and non-speech sounds that appear with the visual recording in synchronized fashion. Captioning makes it possible for people who are deaf or hard of hearing to access audio information.

New! UM has entered into a campus-wide agreement with ACS (Alternative Communication Services/AI Media) to provide accessible services to campus, including captioning, transcription, and audio description.  There will be no change to the requesting process. Continue to submit UM Solutions Center tickets to request any of these services. Important: turnaround time for all services is now approximately 7 business. Please plan accordingly. There is no charge for academic requests. Departments can request their own accounts through ACS. Contact to discuss this option.

For CART (live captioning services), see the Interpreting Services for University Events website.

IT provides captioning services (to DCMP Guidelines) for audio recordings, video and screen casts. Office for Disability Equity provides similar services for courses with identified students. (UM does not currently provide "live" captioning - also known as voice to text, real-time transcription although we can talk with you about excellent local resources.)

If the item you wish captioned is from the library, please check to see if it can be purchased with captions.  (For additional library accessibility information refer to:

If this request is for multiple videos please state the title as “many” and list the total number of videos in the Description  section. along with URL(s) for any videos that are already on the web.

If you are creating videos for a class and will be continuing to do that throughout the semester, please share as much detail as possible about number of videos produced and/or needed each week, which semester you will need them (or start and end dates), etc. We work best with a list of  video names and the specific dates they are needed.  Our goal is to provide the video the Friday before it is needed or sooner. (And in that case you do not need to list a ‘desired completion date.’)

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Summary of captioning services and media conversion for Central IT (Accessible Technology Services), Disability Services for Students, Mansfield Library and UMOnline.


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