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Having a problem sending out a Qualtrics survey due to accessibility formatting. Getting an error message regarding survey accessibility.

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How do I learn more about creating accessible Qualtrics surveys?

According to UM's OCR accessibility agreement with the DOJ, the University of Montana is not allowed to publish inaccessible web content or distribute inaccessible software. Below is a UM Solutions Center KB regarding Qualtrics inaccessibility features, things to avoid, and suggestions for workarounds for many inaccessible question types. If you have any questions, you may contact Timothy Mc Henry - Assistive Technology Specialist @ ext. 4461 or Email timothy.mchenry@mso.umt.edu


Additionally, UM is in the process of removing inactive Qualtrics accounts (accounts that haven't been accessed prior to 31 Dec 2017). If you haven't accessed Qualtrics since 1 Jan 2018, you will receive an error message when you attempt to log into Qualtrics. If this occurs, please submit a Help Desk Ticket and explain you are not being granted access to Qualtrics and your account will be reinstated.

Qualtrics Inaccessible Features

Qualtrics is a sophisticated, easy-to-use web service for developing, administering and analyzing web-based surveys. Qualtrics is University of Montana's enterprise solution for survey creation, publication, and data analysis.

In compliance with University of Montana's web accessibility standards, Qualtrics question types must be accessible to screen readers such as JAWS or Voiceover for Mac. Certain question types are not accessible.  Qualtrics has labeled the following questions types as inaccessible

In short, anything that requires mouse interaction that can’t be accomplished with keyboard maneuvering alone is inaccessible.

Please visit the Qualtrics accessibility website for information on survey accessibility checking as well as creating and publishing accessible surveys.

In July of 2018, Qualtrics made accessibility checking a priority with the addition of Expert Review Functionality before a survey is allowed publication. As a result, members of the University, who unknowingly published surveys containing inaccessible elements, are not being permitted to update older surveys.  If you are experiencing this or any other accessibility-related Qualtrics issue, please submit a TDX help desk ticket. 

If you desire to use any of the above inaccessible features for aesthetic purposes, or if the accurate acquisition of data heavily relies on any inaccessible feature (such as a Rank Order or the use of Images), please submit a TDX help desk ticket.  ATS staff is available to assist UM members who may need assistance with or have questions regarding creating accessible Qualtrics surveys.  Below are a few Qualtrics accessibility workarounds.

Accessible Workarounds for Inaccessible Questions:

  • Slider & Constant Sum: A Text Entry or Matrix (Constant Sum or Text Entry) question types are the best alternative and will allow the respondents to type their choices into a text box.
  • Matrix (Bipolar or MaxDiff): A Matrix (Likert) question with labels on all columns is the best alternative.
  • Rank Order & Pick, Group, and Rank: A Likert Matrix can be used in place of Rank Order with each possible rank assigned into its own column.  Custom Validation must be enabled for every column to restrict the answers to one per rank. A series of Likert Matrix questions can be used in place of Pick, Group, and Rank question by allowing users to select a group for a series of statements and indicate the level of rank for each.
  • Heat Map & Hot Spot: There is not a good alternative to these question types as they are dependent on the user viewing an image or graphic.
  • Graphic Slider: A Multiple-Choice question with answer choices that correspond to the appropriate graphic options is the best alternative.
  • Gap Analysis: This question also relies on images but a Likert Matrix and Multiple-Choice follow-up questions can be used to mimic the Gap Analysis question with words instead of images.  Display Logic will need to be added to the Multiple-Choice questions so that they only appear if negative answers were selected in the Matrix question.


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