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About NVivo

NVivo is the premier software for qualitative data analysis.

Qualitative researchers describe, evaluate and interpret social phenomena. They analyze data from interviews, surveys, field notes, web pages and journal articles and work in sectors from social science and education to healthcare and business. NVivo allows them to organize, analyze and visualize their data, finding the patterns it contains.

Accessing NVivo

UM has access to a site license for this software through the Montana University System. Current Faculty, Staff, and Students may request a named user license. To request access to the MyNvivo portal, please click the "Request Service" button on this page. When you are added to the portal, you will receive an email with instructions for downloading the software and creating your My NVivo account.

If you are installing this software on a university owned device, you may need to contact the UM IT Help Desk in order to complete installation.

UM IT Help
406.243.HELP (4357)


Licences for this cycle are valid until July 29, 2023. Users will need to resubmit this form for the next cycle when their license key is close to expiring.

Request Service


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