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A domain account grants access to campus tools such as Exchange email, shared folders and networked printers that use Microsoft Active Directory for authentication.

Request this service if new hardware needs to be purchased or old hardware needs to be replaced. Hardware can include computers (desktops & laptops), tablets (iPads & Surfaces), printers, and peripherals (monitors, mice, keyboards, speakers, etc.).

This service can provide a file share, departmental folder, mapped drive on a supported IT server.

This form is to request a refund if the PaperCut printer failed to print and your UMoney account was reduced. Please contact the department’s lab support to determine the cause of the printer failure before requesting a refund.

Submit this request for a sponsored email account that will be shared with other individuals or groups.

A mailing list is a communication tool used by its members to participate in on-line discussions by posting comments, suggestions, and other information to a large number of people at the same time.

Restoration of deleted or lost data, files, and folders.

Having your data in just one place is dangerous in the face of computer loss, theft, destruction, accidental deletion, hardware or power failure, so backing up your valuable data is important. IT can help you backup your files, folders, music, photos, projects, etc.

Protect and secure critical and sensitive data by requesting encryption services.