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The University of Montana has an Enterprise Term Licensing Agreement for Adobe Creative Cloud licenses for university-owned devices.  Adobe Acrobat Pro perpetual is no longer available.  If you are still using Acrobat Pro perpetual, you can continue to use it until July 2024 when it reaches its End-of-Life.  You will have to purchase a license for Adobe Creative Cloud to continue to use Acrobat Pro.

Licenses are available for purchase for academic and business purposes at $168/license. Adobe no longer offers prorated pricing. These are yearly subscriptions; the current term is September 25, 2023 - September 24, 2024.

There are two university-owned device license types: Shared Device (installation tied to a specific device) and Named User (installation tied to a specific user.) Shared device licenses are available for use in computer/teaching labs. Additionally, shared device licenses can be used in a non-lab situation where more than one individual needs to share a workstation to perform their job functions.

Named user licenses are available to UM employees and include two installations on two separate devices, with the first installation being on their university-owned device and the second installation being either on a second university-owned device or a personal device. Work performed on both devices must be for work purposes only.

License Information

  1. UM-IT handles all license records, management, changes, deployment, and billing responsibilities. Licenses can be transferred within the department which purchased the license.  Please use the 'Please list any additional details or comments' area for changes or transfers.
  2. The subscriptions receive all upgrades at no additional cost. Check "Help" for updates.
  3. A subscription is licensed for use on multiple devices by the user it is assigned to, including home and mobile devices, in addition to their university-owned computer because it follows the user. 
  4. The subscription version of Acrobat Pro is not limited to Acrobat Pro but includes all of the applications under Adobe’s Creative Cloud if the user desires them at no additional cost.
  5. A subscription license is for Adobe’s modern product line, where development is focused. 
  6. Subscription licenses are more secure when integrated with your UM login.
  7. Budgeting for subscriptions is predictable. They are renewed annually at a fixed rate for the contract term.


UM Employees

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