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University of Montana has an Enterprise Term Licensing Agreement for Adobe Creative Cloud device licenses for university-owned devices.

Licenses are available for purchase for academic and business purposes at $168/license. Adobe no longer offers the prorated pricing. These are yearly subscriptions and the current term is September 25, 2022 - September 24, 2023.

There are two university-owned device license types: Shared Device (installation tied to a specific device) and Named User (installation tied to a specific user on a specific device). Shared device licenses are available for use in computer/teaching labs. Additionally, shared device licenses can be used in a non-lab situation where more than one individual needs to share a workstation to perform functions of their job.

Named user licenses are available to UM employees and include two installations on two separate devices, with the first installation being on their university-owned device and the second installation being either on a second university-owned device or a personal device. Work performed on both devices must be for work purposes only.

License Types

If you want to obtain Adobe Acrobat Pro for creating, editing and combining Adobe PDF files, you must identify and select which of the 2 types of licenses you will request, perpetual or subscription. PLEASE NOTE: UM prefers the subscription (Creative Cloud) license and recommends it be chosen for all cases where Adobe Acrobat Pro is desired.

The advantages of the subscription (Creative Cloud) version are:

  1. All responsibility for license records, management, changes, deployment and billing are handled by UM-IT, whereas perpetual licensing puts this burden on the user/department.
  2. The software receives all upgrades at no additional cost, unlike perpetual licenses that require user intervention.
  3. A subscription is licensed for use on multiple devices by the user it is assigned to including home and mobile devices in addition to their university-owned computer because it follows the user. Perpetual licenses are used only from the single university-owned device the software is installed on.
  4. The subscription version of Acrobat Pro is not limited only to Acrobat Pro but can include any of the applications in Adobe’s Creative Cloud if the user desires them at no additional cost. The perpetual license is solely for the legacy Acrobat Pro and no other applications.
  5. A subscription license is for Adobe’s modern product line where development is focused. Perpetual licensing is the legacy product line and no longer a priority for Adobe.
  6. Subscription licenses are more secure by integration with your UM login. Perpetual licenses do not integrate with UM’s NetID login.
  7. Budgeting for subscriptions is predictable. They are renewed annually at a fixed rate for the contract term. Often perpetual licenses are purchased without upgrade plans only to age and require a new purchase at an unplanned time to obtain the newer version.

Perpetual licenses for Acrobat Pro v20 (2020) for $127/each: One time cost per license, use as long as you want, no expiration. No Adobe cloud-based services are provided with this license, usable only from the workstation it is loaded on. 

Please use these guidelines when completing your request form to identify and select which license type of Acrobat Pro you wish to obtain.


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