Student Computer Fee Hardware/Software Request

The Student Computer Fee Committee develops recommendations for allocation of student computing fees.  The Student Computer Fee is one of three different student fees collected for the purpose of funding technology costs within the University. The Student Computer Fee (SCF) is a mandatory fee collected for the purpose of funding student related technology costs, including but not limited to computers, software, etc.  The Student Computer Fee fund is intended to supplement University funding for student IT, not pay the whole cost.

Keys to Success:

  • Include an updated and relevant quote.
  • Plan for a representative to attend a meeting to answer questions about your proposal. This is very strongly encouraged!  Not attending a meeting may delay the voting process on your proposal due to unanswered questions.
  • Shop around a bit for value.  Don’t just submit the first quote you find.
  • Estimates usually get returned for hard numbers.
  • Include recent and accurate quotes for the requested equipment.
  • Cost shares are well received.
  • Have a plan for maintenance and/or replacement. Maintenance plans cannot just be stated as "Apple Care".  Who provides the tech support and management of the purchased items?

How to Request

Please click  the “Request Service” button at the top right hand side of the screen.


UM employees. 

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