Student Computer Fee Employment Funding Request

The Student Computer Fee Committee develops recommendations for allocation of student computing fees.  The Student Computer Fee is one of three different student fees collected for the purpose of funding technology costs within the University. The Student Computer Fee (SCF) is a mandatory fee collected for the purpose of funding student related technology costs, including but not limited to computers, software, and student employment.  The Student Computer Fee fund is intended to supplement University funding for student IT, not pay the whole cost.

Student Computer Fee Employment funding will now be allocated based on the below model on a biannual basis. Please review the 3 tiers of technicians and fill out the form requesting funding based on your current staffing or desired student employees for term selected. Your results will be sent to the SCF Hiring Oversight Committee.

If you have technicians doing tier 1 or 2 work, and currently making tier 2 or 3 pay, please ask for tier 3 at this point.  Please note these in the job duties text boxes below, and expect that future requests for new positions or employees will be scrutinized and funded fairly.

Tier 1 Technician (Entry Level)                                          

Pay rate range: $11.00-14.00
Roles: Help Desk Generalist, Basic Lab technician

Required Competencies: 

  1. Maintain a professional relationship with students, faculty and staff at all times.
  2. Efficiently answer support calls gathering pertinent information through use of clarifying questions in order to better resolve issues.
  3. Use effective written communication to convey information via; email, notes, or documentation.
  4. Be able to use office phones to check voicemail, transfer calls, enable call forwarding, put/pickup calls on hold.
  5. Attend and participate in all assigned shifts, departmental rounds, and other meetings punctually.
  6. Meet all assigned timelines and deadlines on projects or work orders.
  7. Troubleshooting: Use appropriate resources to narrow the scope and identify issues to work towards a solution.
  8. Exhibit ease and comfort using a computer.
  9. Maintain a clean and usable shared work environment.
  10. Clock time promptly and accurately.
  11. Abstain from any actions meriting immediate termination (Student Conduct Violation).
  12. Be familiar with navigating campus.
  13. Wear name-badge and professionally represent campus and be accountable.

Job duties:

  1. Front line phone support
  2. Proficient with ticketing system use to document and route work
  3. Familiar with work escalation chain and properly routes issues.
  4. Front-line client support services.
  5. Wireless trouble-shooting.
  6. Password resets.
  7. Common software installation and trouble-shooting.
  8. Checking in/out of devices.
  9. Classroom technology support.
  10. Printer usage and basic maintenance.
  11. Equipment delivery and relocation.
  12. Basic hardware maintenance.
  13. Comfort with Knowledge-base and UM information systems for research and documentation.
  14. Perform user-initiated and authorized remote support.
  15. Educate co-workers and clients about technology issues and resolutions

Tier 2 Technician (Experienced)                                    

Pay rate range: $13.00 - 16.00
Roles: Help desk specialist (escalation point, specialized hardware experience),
Departmental support (departmental rounds and faculty and staff localized support)

Job duties:

  1. Competencies and responsibilities of a tier one technical
  2. Provisioning and deploying devices
  3. Hardware diagnoses, repair, replacement
  4. Desktop Support
  5. Malware/Infection removal
  6. Assist Tier 1 techs


  1. Department assignment
  2. Specialized department support responsibilities as defined by unit manager
  3. Maybe Remote support and administration (not requiring user-authorization)

Tier 3 Technician                                                 

Pay rate range: $14.00 - 17.00
Roles: Specialist (top escalation point below staff) Protege to FTE professional mentor

Job duties:

  1. Competencies and responsibilities of Tier 1 and Tier 2 Technicians
  2. Department assignment
  3. Specialized department support responsibilities as defined by unit manager
  4. Maybe Remote support and administration (not requiring user-authorization)

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