Glean Cloud-Based Note-taker Help

Glean Cloud-Based Note-taker 

(Formerly known as Sonocent Audio Notetaker)

Glean Notetaker is a cloud-based software that supports note-taking educational endeavors and is available to Office for Disability Equity (formerly DSS) students with a note-taking accommodation. 

Sonocent is formally changing the company name to Glean. Additionally, UM’s license for Sonocent’s Audio Notetaker desktop application expired on July 1st, 2021, and has been retired by the University of Montana. This occurred for several reasons:

  • Sonocent created a new cloud-based version of Audio Notetaker called Glean.

  • Sonocent will no longer support their Audio Notetaker desktop application.

  • The number of overall students utilizing Audio Notetaker is insufficient to justify the continued use of the program campus-wide.

As a result, given the primary focus of digital audio note-taking is to satisfy the prerequisites of ODE students requiring a note-taking accommodation, Glean will replace Audio Notetaker. Access will be limited to ODE students with an approved note-taking accommodation. 

Additionally, ODE students who request Glean will be required to accept the Glean invitation when received and use the program. The number of licenses is limited and, as a result, managed. If ODE runs out of licenses, unaccepted invitations to create Glean accounts and inactive accounts will be assigned to other students. If you lose access, you may renew your Glean account by contacting your ODE coordinator and making another request. You will be contacted and informed about your Glean account status prior to losing account access. 

At the end of each semester, all Glean accounts will be closed and a new request to your ODE coordinator will be required to keep your account active. You will have access to your audio notes for 90-days after your account is deactivated. The purpose of this is to ensure the requisite number of licenses are available at the beginning of each semester for ODE. Students with a Glean account, who have either graduated, left the University, did not find Glean useful, or no longer require the use of the service will have their deactivated licenses made available to other ODE students.

To request access to Glean, contact your ODE Coordinator. Upon receiving approval for Glean usage, the Assistive Technology Specialist will send a link to a Qualtrics form asking a few questions. Please accept the invitation you receive from Glean for access after you complete the survey.

If you have been using the Audio Notetaker desktop application and would like to reference your notes after the program expires, you should still have access to the recordings and any notes you have taken but you will not be able to edit or use any of the functions of the program. 

To learn more about Glean and view a full software tutorial.



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