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Zoom and accessibility

Zoom web conferencing services is compliant (with some exceptions) with WCAG 2.1 AA Standards, revised Section 508 Standards, and the EN 301 549 Accessibility requirements. Features are included in this article. ... zoom ... Zoom, a web conferencing system with full audio, video and sharing capabilities, is compliant (with some exceptions, see below) with the WCAG 2.1 AA Standards, Revised Section 508 Standards, and the

General Zoom Help Request

University of Montana has an enterprise agreement for Zoom Technologies, a cloud-based product that provides remote conferencing, meeting and chat services. ... What is Zoom? Zoom is a web conferencing system with full audio, video and sharing capabilities. It can be used on Windows and Mac computer platforms, as well as iOS and Android mobile devices. Zoom

Manage Zoom Recordings to Preserve Cloud Storage Space

Process for managing storage of Zoom cloud recordings. ... zoom ... Update: Zoom Retention Policy Due to Zoom cloud storage reaching critical capacity, the following retention policy becomes effective April 21, 2021: All recording files over one year old will

Audio/video equipment checkout

zoom ... Audio Recorders - Zoom H4N and H5 Wireless lapel microphones for camcorders, audio recorders and smartphones Portable sound systems (125 watt) with wireless handheld microphone Microphone stands

Web conference hosting

 and affiliates Availability Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Support Your IT Support Unit (See the Who Supports Me? page here.) Related Services Edit shortcut General Zoom Help

How do I schedule assistive technology appointments?

incompatible with Chrome Books) Smart Phone Tablet Note About Your Appointment Appointments are typically over Zoom and may last between one hour to an hour and a half in length

Podcasts and accessibility: an introduction

transcription process to a transcription service. This method is relatively affordable and fast. and 3Play Media are two reputable vendors. Zoom video-conferencing and YouTube have built-in closed

How do I request assistive technology (AT) if I am an eligible student or employee?

Naturally Speaking ZoomText Fusion JAWS (Screen Reader) ZoomText (Screen Magnifier) Xtag Microphones (YouTube Demonstration) Instructions Scheduling Instructions for

Meal Plan FAQ

What kinds of meal plans are available? Meal Plan Details: All-Campus Meal Plan Food Zoo Unlimited Flex Dollars Bear Bucks Graduate

Student Affairs Web App Support

Description Student Affairs supports many custom web applications.  This service is to report issues, upgrades, systems changes, permissions, etc. for all Student Affairs IT supported web