Forward campus extension to off-campus phone number

If you need to forward your campus extension to an off-campus phone number you need to be aware of, and agree to abide by, the following BEFORE requesting the forward: 

  • If you elect to forward your campus extension to your personal phone, you MUST have voicemail setup and be able to receive messages on that device. Calls that are forwarded to this device will be directed to that device's voicemail. If your personal phone's voicemail is not set up or is full, callers will not be able to leave a message. This would effectively result in hanging up on students, co-workers, or other callers that would expect to speak with you or at least be able to leave voicemail for a later response.
  • If you forward your campus extension to your personal device, callers may very well see your personal telephone number when you are called.

When this request has been completed Telephone Services will put the forward in place and you will receive a confirmation test call placed to your campus extension which will ring on the forwarded number.

Upon your return to your campus workspace you will need to remember to cancel the forwarding at your desk telephone to begin accepting calls.

How to request

Please click  the “Request Service” button at the top right hand side of the screen.


UM faculty & staff


Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.


Network and Telecomm Services

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