Telephone or network connection repair

Repairs for telephone issues or data/network connectivity (not including wireless). No prior authorization is required before submitting repair requests. Repair requests are placed in queue on a first-reported, first-repaired basis with the exception of major, or emergency services outages. Repair work typically takes priority over other types of service work. As always, please plan ahead for any routine, adds, moves or changes.

Requests for billable work placed with this request form will be denied.

If you are requesting work and not a repair please use "I need to place a network work order" or "I need to place a telephone work order".

If you are unable to view or request the network or telephone service you may not be authorized to do so.

If you need to become an authorized user please complete the request "I need authorization to place network and telephone work orders"or contact your departmental person who is already authorized to place telephone and/or network work orders.

How to request

Please click  the “Request Service” button at the top right hand side of the screen.


UM faculty, staff, student, affiliates


Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.


Network and Telecomm Services

Request Service

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