Information regarding UM's wired and wireless networks.

Articles (7)

Finding my MAC Address

Provides steps to find a MAC address on some common devices

How do I access and use voicemail?

Instructions for accessing and using voice mail on the UM campus. It also contains the link to Voice Mail Web Access where you can access and manage your voice mail on line. This is intended for employees and affiliates of UM who use the Avaya voice mail feature on their phone.

Wireless Self-Registration

Devices that do not allow WPA-2 Enterprise encryption we offer a wireless self-registration process using the device’s MAC address and the user’s NetID.

How do I setup and use the Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection?

If you just got VPN access and aren't sure where to start, this is the place to be. This article is full of helpful information and documented instructions for setting up and using VPN on your Windows or Mac computer.

Copyright and peer-to-peer file sharing (P2P)

The University of Montana does not block P2P network traffic, since there are many legitimate and legal uses of this technology. However, P2P software can also be misused to violate copyright for media including music, TV shows, and movies. It is the responsibility of each user of the UM Network, whether a student, staff, or patron, to insure they do not violate copyright when choosing to use P2P software.

How do I use my campus telephone?

User manuals for the most commonly used telephones distributed on campus

Can I bring my own router with me when I move to campus?

Personal routers and hubs are not allowed at the University of Montana.