• Website creation, access, and redirects
• Banner Ads for the UM Mobile app
• Web reports, conference, and consult

Services (10)

Cascade Access Request - Existing Website

Complete this form to request access to an existing website in Cascade CMS. This form must be completed by the individual requesting access. Do not fill this out on behalf of another user. Approval by the website manager/owner and web accessibility training are required to gain Cascade access.

Cascade Access Request - New Website

Complete this form to request a new website in Cascade CMS. This form can be completed by new or existing Cascade users. Sponsor approval is required to create a new website.

Cascade CMS website editing help

If you need help editing your Cascade site, fill out our form to request a meeting or to receive assistance from our Web Team technicians.

Web Redirect Request

Complete this form to request a web redirect or shortened URL. The provided short URL must not point to an existing page. Redirects will be maintained on a temporary basis.

Cascade CMS - Form Data Request

Complete this form to request access to Cascade form data. Data submitted through the Form Builder plugin can be accessed on the Cascade Form Data web app.

Banner ad in mobile app request

Banner space is available on a weekly basis in the UMontana mobile app. Learn more about what makes a good banner at umt.edu/mobile/banner.

Student Affairs Web App Support

Student Affairs supports many custom web applications. This service is to report issues, upgrades, systems changes, permissions, etc. for all Student Affairs IT supported web applications.

Example of SAIT supported applications: DCO Home, Door Access App, Food Zoo Menu & Tag Printing, Griz Card Tickets App, Griz Card Wiki, Hall Snacks App, Housing/Roommate Finder, Student Hiring App, Unclaimed Property App, etc.

UMontana mobile app feedback and help

The UMontana Mobile App is a suite of mobile services that includes access to information, integration with UM academic tools, and the ability to conduct University business from your phone, tablet, or the web.

Campus map feedback and help

The UM campus map contains multiple data layers such as wireless access locations, accessibility routes and entrances, parking, places to eat and more.

UMontana Mobile App - Push Notification Request

Complete this form to request a push notification to be sent to a target audience in the UMontana mobile app. Requests for push notifications must be made three days before date of send and are subject to revision to comply with push notification guidelines and scheduled availability.