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BDM Request

Banner Data Management Request

TechPartners Membership Application

Technology Partners is designed to form closer alliances between IT and individual departments on campus. Tech Partners is a strategically managed partnership between local technology support staff and central IT to increase the efficient and effective use of departmental computing resources.

UM Box folder modify permissions request

This request is to edit permissions, access, or members in UM Box groups assigned to UM Box departmental folders.

UM employee computer/email account

A UM employee domain account will grant you access to UM employee email, ability to log in to UM owned computers, shared departmental network drives, public folders, email distribution groups, networked printers, and other tools and applications such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft Teams, etc.

UMontana Alias Modification Request

In addition to obtaining an email account, employees obtain a University email address in the form of a UMontana alias, this request is to update or modify a UMontana alias after a legal name change. To change your computer/email username (first.last@umt.edu) and/or your UM employee email address (first.last@mso.umt.edu) complete the UM employee computer/email account form.

Access to an application

I need access to an application

Assigned Administrative Privileges Request

Request to allow user administrative privileges on their university-owned desktop or laptop.

Shared group email account or departmental alias

Submit this request for a sponsored email account that will be shared with other individuals or groups.

Access to a file share, departmental folder, or shared drive

Request access to a file share, departmental folder, or shared drive.


A LISTSERV is a communication tool used by its members to participate in on-line discussions by posting comments, suggestions, and other information to a large number of people at the same time.

Mailing List Request

This service is to request a Distribution List email address that can be used to email multiple users at once. This address will then become listed and searchable in Outlook's Global Address book.

Shared network printer access

Request printing access to a shared network printer.

LISTSERV Audit Request

Request an audit of your mailing list or listserv.

Shared public folder create, modify or delete

Request to create, modify, or delete a shared public folder.

Banner Password Reset

This service is for Banner password resets, this will not give you an initial banner account.

Data backup help

Having your data in just one place is dangerous in the face of computer loss, theft, destruction, accidental deletion, hardware or power failure, so backing up your valuable data is important. IT can help you backup your files, folders, music, photos, projects, etc.

Network and telephone work order authorization

This form should be completed to authorize individuals within the unit who can initiate work orders and make changes to telephone and network billing.

UM Box folder request

The UM Box folder request is for creating shared folders for departmental units to share files collaboratively within their department without having individual owners, but instead with a UM IT managed departmental owner, to prevent loss of data.

File share, departmental folder, or shared drive audit request

Request an audit of a file share, departmental folder, or shared drive.

UMDW Password Reset

This service is for UM Data Warehouse password resets, this will not give you an initial UMDW account.

User permissions audit request

Request a user permissions audit

Security or user group audit request

Request an audit of a security or user group

NetID Impersonation Request

Impersonation access attached to your netID for testing in Cyberbear, DegreeWorks, and Retain.

Remote control access for computer

Allow IT to access your computer from our offices - this will allow us to view error messages, confirm issues, or even fix problems in the background, or request assistance to allow remote control access to your machine for personal use when utilizing VPN off campus.

File share, departmental folder, or shared drive request

This service can provide a file share, departmental folder, mapped drive on a supported IT server.

Restoration of deleted data, files, folders

Restoration of deleted or lost data, files, and folders.

NetID online password reset block or unblock request

Request to block or unblock the online NetID password reset in situations regarding security breaches, etc.

Data encryption help

Protect and secure critical and sensitive data by requesting encryption services.